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How we support CISOs in the NIS2 process

1. Introduction

As a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), your focus on the NIS2 Directive is likely centered on its practical implementation and adherence within your organization, utilizing tools like the RiskStudio application. RiskStudio is designed to streamline and support various aspects of cybersecurity management, making it an invaluable asset for complying with complex regulations such as NIS2.

2. NIS2 touchpoints

This following overview highlights how the NIS2 Directive aligns with the functionalities of RiskStudio, providing specific touchpoints for a CISO to leverage this application effectively:

2.1 Scope and coverage

Check if your organization falls under NIS2. Use the NIS2 Compliance Checker to determine your organization's adherence to NIS2 standards by analyzing company details and its relationship with the EU.

2.2 Security policies and practices

Develop and implement security policies and practices. The Operational Entities feature provides an overview of operational units, processes, and systems within your organization.

2.3 Incident Reporting

Ensure an effective incident reporting process. Use the Event Viewer as a logbook for all security-related events and incidents.

2.4 Compliance and audits

Prepare your organization for compliance audits. The Cyber Ratings and Benchmarks functions assist in assessing and comparing your organization's cybersecurity status with industry standards and best practices.

2.5 Collaboration and information sharing

Encourage collaboration and information sharing. Participants helps manage a list of all internal and external collaborators involved, and Workspaces provide access to your current workspaces for collaboration and project management.

2.6 Supply chain risk management

Manage the security risks of your supply chain. The Companies feature aids in viewing and managing details of companies within the Cyber Chain, including suppliers and partners.

2.7 Training and awareness

Implement training and awareness programs. The Employee Alerts function links observations to actionable cybersecurity responses, enhancing awareness among your team.

2.8 Technological updates and innovation

Stay updated with technological developments. The Attack Surfaces feature analyzes vulnerabilities in your organization and associated entities to identify potential cyberattack exposure areas.

2.9 Security incident reporting & identification

Employee Alerts enables prompt reporting of security observations by staff, vital for early incident identification. RiskEvent Viewer offers detailed tracking and documentation of all security incidents, ensuring compliance with NIS2’s rigorous reporting standards.

3. Conclusion

RiskStudio equips you with the necessary tools and insights to not only meet the NIS2 requirements but also to advance your organization's cybersecurity posture in an ever-evolving digital world.

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