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Cyber Chain Companies


1. Introduction

In today's interconnected digital world, an organization's cyber risk doesn't stem only from within. It extends to every company and partner within its digital and business ecosystem. RiskStudio's 'Cyber Chain Companies' feature empowers you to keep track of and manage the cyber health of your external business relations, ensuring a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

The 'Cyber Chain Companies' represent the various external organizations with which your company interacts – be it vendors, partners, or clients. These entities are critical because a vulnerability in their systems can potentially expose your organization to risks, given the interconnected nature of business operations today.

2. Functionalities

2.1 Cyber Chain Companies list

Select ‘Companies’ from the main menu. The Cyber Chain Company list is compiled manually by users who have access to the workspace. These can be colleagues from different departments, for example. The list displays all the companies in your Cyber Chain.

Sort the list by Company, Website, Operational Entity, or Country for easier navigation. To do this, click on the title of the column you want to sort by.

2.2 Add a Company

  1. In the 'Cyber Chain Company list, click on the 'Add Company' button.

  2. Type the initial letters of the company name in the Search bar. Choose the company from the list of suggestions. The Company has now been added to the Cyber Chain Companies list.

2.2.1. Company not in database

  1. In the 'Cyber Chain Company list, click on the 'Add Company' button.

  2. Enter the full name of the Company in het Search bar

  3. Click "add this new company"

  4. In the next screen insert the company's website

  5. Click the Add button

Using the newly entered website, we will search for additional data about this company and add it to our database. You will find the added company in the Cyber Chain Companies list.

2.2.2. Advanced search

For more specific search results, use the Advanced search option to filter companies by country. You will find Advanced search under the (Basic) search bar.

2.2.3. Add multiple Companies

Want to add multiple companies at once?

  1. In the 'Cyber Chain Company list, click on the 'Add Company' button.

  2. Click Advanced search under the search bar

  3. If desired, select a specific country

  4. Search for the companies you want to add

  5. Click on the box in front of the company name to add one or more found companies

  6. Click Add companies to add all the companies at once Active Companies

2.3 Archived Companies

Find archived companies under the ‘Archived Companies' tab. Archived companies no longer have an active role, therefore they do not consume elements, on the other hand they are still part of ongoing risk and reporting processes. In particular, this archiving function is intended to provide a clear and up-to-date view of companies with which to work.

2.4 Your Company

Your company is the first company in the list en is marked with “Your Company”. Changing Your Company is possible by opening the details of a company and selecting the checkbox at ‘Primary company’. The details of a company can only be modified by an owner, admin or editor (see section 2.6)

2.5 Company Details

Click on a Company in the Cyber Chain Company list or select a Company from the drop-down list in de Company Details view.

Company Details Include: Company Profile, Interrelated Risks, Operational Entities, Risk Events, Employee Alerts, Cyber Rating, and Attack Surface.

2.6 Edit Company

  • Click the pencil icon next to any company in the Cyber Chain Companies list, a side panel appears.

  • Editable Fields: Company logo, name, and country. Note:

  • Saving Changes: Ensure to save your changes after editing

2.7 Archive a Company

In the Cyber Chain Companies list, click the pencil icon next to a company and select the 'Archive' button.

Archiving removes the company from your active list but retains its data for future reference. For this reason, an archived company is still counted in the number of elements consumed. For more information about usage, see the Subscription & Billing page. It is not possible to restore archived items to the active list.

2.8 Delete a Company

Find the 'Former Companies' tab in the Cyber Company list. Click the three dots beside the company you want to delete and choose 'Delete'.

Deletion is irreversible and removes all related data, impacting your risks, entities, and reporting functions.

3. Maximizing the potential of ‘Companies’

  • Update your Cyber Chain regularly by adding new companies and updating existing profiles.

  • Use the gathered data to strategize and mitigate concentrated risks by diversifying your company portfolio. "Concentrated risk" in a Cyber Chain context refers to a situation where a significant portion of an organization's cybersecurity risks is dependent on a small number of suppliers, technologies, or operational entities. Diversifying the company portfolio can reduce these concentrated risks, decreasing reliance on single sources and enhancing overall risk resilience.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can I ensure my Cyber Chain is comprehensive?
A: Regularly review and update your list, adding new companies as they become relevant to your operations.

Q: What is an ‘archived’ Company?
A: An 'archived company' refers to a business that was previously part of your Cyber Chain but has now been moved to an inactive or archived status.

Contribution to cybersecurity and Risk Management

The 'Companies' feature aids in identifying and mitigating risks by providing a comprehensive view of all Companies in your Cyber Chain. For instance, you can determine if certain suppliers are potential cybersecurity risks due to outdated security protocols, and proactively address these issues.


Ensure you have a current supplier list or creditors overview, typically available from your procurement or accounting team, to efficiently populate and update the 'Cyber Chain Companies' feature

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