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Subscription & Billing


As a workspace owner, you have exclusive access to the Subscription & Billing page with information on subscription, usage, and payment features.

1. Introduction

Welcome to the RiskStudio Subscription & Billing section, where you can manage your subscription, track usage, access invoices, and update billing information. As the owner of your workspace, you have exclusive access to these features, allowing you to maintain control of your account and ensure seamless access to RiskStudio's powerful risk management tools. Explore the different tabs to streamline your subscription experience and keep your account information up to date. Let's dive in!

2. Subscription based on volume

RiskStudio provides the same features to small companies with 50 employees as it does the large service providers managing hundreds of customers with thousands of employees. The main difference is in the volume of elements. Pricing is based on volume, all features are always included.

Counted elements per workspace are administrators, editors, defined risks, controls, entities and companies. Guardians and viewers can be added for free, because we believe in a collaborative approach to risk management, where users can work together to identify, analyze, and mitigate risks.

Features, include the use of multiple workspaces, risk templates, event reporting, Al triage, company ratings, benchmarking, attack surface management.

3. Dive into functionality

Explore the various tabs within the Subscription & Billing section to manage your RiskStudio subscription effectively. Each tab offers distinct functionality to streamline your subscription management and billing processes. Let's delve deeper into each tab to maximize your RiskStudio experience.

3.1 Subscription tab

On the Subscription tab, you can view details of your current subscription, including subscription type, start and end dates, and costs per element. Additionally, you can adjust the number of elements in your subscription, apply promo codes, and cancel your subscription if needed.

3.1.1 Subscription Details

Details of your subscription, including upgrades or changes for the next period.

  • Subscription Type: Gain insight into the type of subscription you're currently enrolled in, whether it's a Free plan or one of the Premium subscriptions.

  • Start and End Dates: Keep track of when your subscription began and when it is set to expire.

  • Costs per Element: Understand the financial implications of your subscription by knowing the costs associated with each element.

  • Changes: Changes or details are displayed next to the current subscription details, e.g. in the case of an upgrade, the upgrade details for the next period are displayed, or in the case of an expiring subscription.

3.1.2 Adjusting Your Subscription

  • Changing the Number of Elements: Tailor your subscription to your specific needs by modifying the number of elements included. Whether you require more resources or wish to scale down your subscription, this option provides flexibility. Simply use the slider to adjust the number of elements. The number of additional elements is shown in green.

In RiskStudio, functions like risks, entities, companies, participants, etc. consume elements. Your subscription type determines the cost per element, which you can change as needed.

  • Changing Subscription Plans: In the "Change subscription" section, you can explore and switch between available subscription plans based on your evolving needs. Whether you require basic features or advanced functionality, there are various subscription options to accommodate your requirements. Learn more about our subscriptions on the RiskStudio website.

  • Checkout overview: Before finalizing any changes to your subscription, the Checkout Overview provides a summary of your selections, including any modifications to the number of elements or changes in subscription plans.

    By default, a change will take effect at the end of the current billing period (which can be found in the Subscription Details), but it is possible to make an immediate change by toggling the 'Upgrade Immediately' slider, in which case the change will take effect immediately.

    Once you've reviewed your selections, proceed to confirm the changes to your subscription. Ensure that all adjustments align with your organization's requirements and budgetary considerations.

    At RiskStudio, we use Mollie's hosted checkout. After confirming changes, you will be redirected to an external website where the actual payment is made.

  • Applying Promo Codes: Take advantage of promotional offers by entering valid promo codes to unlock discounts or additional benefits.

  • Cancellation: Should you decide to discontinue your subscription, the cancellation option allows you to terminate your subscription conveniently. should you wish to terminate the subscription we are sorry. However, in the context of improving our service we would like to know your reason for cancellation, so please feel free to leave feedback.

By utilizing the Subscription tab effectively, you can manage and optimize your RiskStudio subscription to align with your organization's requirements and budgetary constraints.

3.2 Usage & Limits

Explore your workspace's resource consumption and limitations on the Usage & Limits tab. Here, you'll find a breakdown of your element usage across various features and workspaces, ensuring you stay within your allocated limits.

3.2.1 Current Workspace Element Usage

Track the resource utilization of your current workspace. Select a workspace from the dropdown menu to view its individual element usage. Additionally, observe the total element consumption across all your workspaces.


3.2.2 Workspace Elements Overview

Examine the details of resource utilization for each feature within your workspace. Understand the weight and charged elements associated with risks, entities, companies, participants, and more. Monitor your usage to avoid exceeding allocated limits and optimize resource allocation accordingly.

By monitoring and managing your element usage effectively, you can ensure optimal utilization of resources within your RiskStudio workspace.


3.3 Invoices Tab

Access and manage your subscription invoices effortlessly on the Invoices tab. Gain insights into your billing history, payment status, and detailed invoice information for each billing period.

3.3.1 Current Invoice Details

Explore the details of your current invoice, including invoice date, due date, and payment status. Access a comprehensive breakdown of charges and fees incurred during the current billing period.

3.3.2 Invoices Overview

Review your historical invoice records, including payment method, status, amount, and type. Track your financial transactions and monitor invoice status to ensure timely payments and financial compliance. Invoices are emailed periodically to the owner and any billing email address (see the Billing tab). A summary version of the invoice is also available in the Overview by clicking on the 'Details' text.

Efficiently manage your subscription invoices and maintain financial transparency within your organization with the Invoices tab.


3.4 Payment Tab

Handle payment-related tasks seamlessly on the Payment tab. View your payment history, update payment methods, and manage payment details to ensure uninterrupted service and billing accuracy.

3.4.1 Payment Method

Update your preferred payment method to facilitate seamless transactions and billing processes. Ensure your payment information is accurate and up to date to prevent payment disruptions and ensure service continuity.

3.4.2 Payment History

Review your historical payment transactions, including payment dates, amounts, and payment statuses. Track your payment history to stay informed about past transactions and reconcile financial records effectively.

By managing your payments efficiently, you can maintain financial integrity and support uninterrupted access to RiskStudio's features and services.


3.5 Billing Tab

Review and update your billing information with ease on the Billing tab. Ensure accuracy in billing details, tax information, and invoice settings to streamline financial operations and maintain compliance.

3.5.1 Tax Information

Enter your tax number and country of issue to facilitate tax compliance and reporting. Make sure your tax information is complete and accurate to meet legal requirements and avoid potential penalties, including a correct billing address.

3.5.2 Billing Details

Review and edit your billing address information, tax information and purchase order references. Ensure your billing information is accurate and up-to-date to avoid billing discrepancies and ensure a smooth billing process. Under VAT percentage, check that the correct percentage is displayed, it depends on the Issuing country under the Tax number section. In addition, it is possible to add a reference in the Customer reference field for your own records, this will appear on the invoice.

Finally, it is important to note that the Workspace owner receives the invoice from the workspace. This is therefore linked to the owner's email address. Should you wish to use a different email address to receive invoices from RiskStudio, enter it in the 'Billings emails are sent to' field.

By effectively managing your billing data, you can ensure accurate billing, streamline financial operations and comply with regulatory standards.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can I adjust the number of elements in my subscription?
A: You can adjust the number of elements in your subscription by navigating to the Subscription tab and using the slider to modify the total number of elements paid for.

Q: Can I change my current subscription plan?
A: Yes, you can change your current subscription plan by selecting the "Change subscription" option on the Subscription tab. Explore available subscription plans based on your requirements and make your selection accordingly.

Q: What happens after I apply a promo code?
A: After applying a promo code, any associated discounts or additional benefits will be reflected in your subscription details. Ensure that the promo code is valid and meets the specified criteria for redemption.

Q: How can I cancel my subscription?
A: To cancel your subscription, navigate to the Subscription tab and locate the cancellation option. Follow the prompts to initiate the cancellation process. We value your feedback, so feel free to provide a reason for cancellation to help us improve our service.

Q: How can I view details of my current subscription?
A: You can view details of your current subscription, including subscription type, start and end dates, and costs per element, on the Subscription tab of your account settings.

Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription plan?
A: Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan by accessing the "Change subscription" section on the Subscription tab. Explore the available subscription options and select the plan that best suits your needs.

Q: What payment methods are accepted for subscription payments?
A: RiskStudio accepts various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, iDeal and bank transfers. You can manage your payment method preferences in the Payment section of your account settings.

Q: How often will I be billed for my subscription?
A: Subscription billing cycles depend on your selected subscription plan. Typically, subscriptions are billed on a monthly. If you have other requirements please feel free to contact us.

Q: Is it possible to change the email address to which invoices are sent?
A: Yes, it is possible to change this address. By default the email address of the workspace owner is used, however on the billing tab it is default to change the email address. It is not possible to specify multiple addresses.

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