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What NIS2 will mean for you

The NIS2 Directive is the EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity. It provides legal measures to boost the overall level of cybersecurity in the EU.

Welcome to RiskStudio’s NIS2 Help Center

Navigating the complexities of NIS2 legislation is essential for any organization aiming to maintain robust cybersecurity practices. Our Help Center is crafted to offer comprehensive knowledge and tools to tackle the direct and indirect challenges of NIS2 compliance, suitable for a wide range of professionals and stakeholders.

1. Introduction to NIS2

1.1 Overview of NIS

The NIS2 is a significant EU directive aimed at enhancing cybersecurity across the European Union. It’s vital to understand the obligations this legislation brings, especially if your organization falls under the essential and important company categories.

1.2 Significant fines

Non-compliance with NIS2 can lead to substantial fines – up to €10 million or 2% of global turnover for essential companies, and significant penalties for important companies. Ensuring your organization complies with NIS2 guidelines is therefore of paramount importance.

1.3 Proactive preparation advised by Dutch government

The Dutch government advises organizations not to wait for the finalization of laws and regulations, but to act now. Current risks to organizations and systems necessitate immediate action. By taking early steps, organizations not only protect against existing threats but also prepare better for upcoming legislation.

Key measures include conducting a risk analysis and assessment of both physical and digital threats to service delivery, implementing protective measures against these risks, and establishing procedures to detect, monitor, resolve, and report incidents disrupting business processes. These actions, recommended for ensuring business continuity, align with the duties and reporting obligations expected in the new legislation. Early preparation is crucial as implementing these measures takes time.

2. For NIS2-bound organizations

2.1 Requirements and responsibilities

For professionals like Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and others responsible for cybersecurity, a thorough understanding of NIS2’s demands is crucial. This encompasses developing and executing robust risk management strategies, ensuring prompt and efficient incident reporting, and constantly enhancing your organization's cybersecurity stance. Regular assessments and updates of security protocols, training staff in cybersecurity awareness, and establishing transparent channels for reporting potential threats or breaches are key responsibilities for anyone involved in safeguarding their organization's digital assets.

2.2 Preparation and compliance

Begin by conducting a thorough evaluation of your current cybersecurity infrastructure. Identify any vulnerabilities or gaps in your security that may hinder compliance with NIS2 standards. This process involves reviewing your existing policies, procedures, and technologies. Once these areas are identified, develop a structured plan to address them, ensuring that your cybersecurity measures are not only compliant but also resilient against evolving cyber threats.

3. For suppliers to NIS2 companies

3.1 Indirect impact of NIS2

Suppliers to companies bound by NIS2 may not be directly subject to the directive, but the indirect implications are significant. If your customers are NIS2-bound, their compliance requirements will extend to their supply chain, necessitating you to elevate your cybersecurity standards. This means adopting similar risk management practices, enhancing your cybersecurity infrastructure, and being prepared to demonstrate compliance to your NIS2-bound clients.

3.2 Adapting to changing requirements

In this evolving cybersecurity landscape, balancing the strengthening of your cybersecurity measures with maintaining robust client relationships is key. Keep abreast of changes in NIS2 regulations and understand how they impact your business. Develop a proactive approach to cybersecurity that not only meets current standards but is also adaptable to future requirements. Communication with your NIS2-bound clients about your cybersecurity efforts is crucial to ensure that your practices align with their expectations and compliance needs.

4. Tools and support

Navigating NIS2 compliance is a significant challenge not only for CISOs but for all professionals involved in cybersecurity and risk management. RiskStudio provides tailored tools, such as the RiskStudio App and NIS2 Compliance Checker, to streamline this complex process. These resources are instrumental in facilitating risk assessment, incident reporting, and supply chain management, assisting various roles in meeting NIS2 requirements and fortifying their cybersecurity strategies.

4.1 RiskStudio App

Facing the NIS2 Directive, RiskStudio offers essential tools to simplify compliance for those responsible for cybersecurity. Our application encompasses risk management, cybersecurity, and collaboration, ensuring efficient adherence to NIS2 standards. Here's how each feature facilitates this process:

RiskStudio Feature


How it helps in NIS2 process


Catalogs and tracks potential risks impacting your organization.

Aids in identifying and managing cybersecurity risks, a core requirement of NIS2.

Cyber Chain Companies

Views and manages details of companies within the cyber chain, including suppliers and partners.

Supports supply chain management, crucial under NIS2 for both direct and indirect compliance.

Attack Surfaces

Analyzes vulnerabilities in your organization and associated entities to identify potential cyberattack exposure areas.

Contributes to bolstering security by identifying potential weak points in line with NIS2 requirements.

Event Viewer

Logbook of all security-related events and incidents.

Facilitates the documentation and reporting of security incidents, a key aspect of NIS2 compliance.

Active/Archived Risks

Manages risks that are currently active and those that have been resolved or are no longer active.

Provides an overview of risk history and current risks, aiding in continuous cybersecurity improvement.

Active/Archived Groups

Views and interacts with groups currently active within your organization and accesses historical records of groups that were previously active.

Assists in managing teams and groups involved in NIS2 compliance efforts.

Participating/Pending Invitations

Shows a list of individuals actively involved in your current projects and tracks invitations sent to potential participants awaiting their response.

Facilitates collaboration and engagement of relevant stakeholders in NIS2-related projects.

Active/Archived Companies

Browse companies currently engaged or partnered with your organization and review past company associations.

Offers insights into how current and past business relationships contribute to or impact NIS2 compliance.

Workspaces/Starred Workspaces

Access your current workspaces for collaboration and project management and quickly find important workspaces marked for easy access.

Enables efficient collaboration and project management for NIS2 compliance initiatives.

4.2 NIS2 Compliance Checker

We've developed a tool to help you swiftly determine if an organization must adhere to NIS2 compliance standards. Use our NIS2 Compliance Checker to quickly ascertain whether NIS2 applies to your organization. Enter your website and our AI will do the rest. No need to answer boring questions and sift through legal texts.

NIS2 Compliance checker

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the main requirements of the NIS2 Directive for my organization?
A: The NIS2 Directive primarily requires organizations to implement robust cybersecurity measures, report significant cyber incidents, and manage risks effectively. If your organization falls under the essential or important categories, you must also ensure cybersecurity compliance throughout your supply chain. The directive emphasizes the importance of proactive risk management, regular assessments, and transparent communication with national authorities.

Q: How does the RiskStudio NIS2 Compliance Checker help in determining if my organization is subject to NIS2?
A: The RiskStudio NIS2 Compliance Checker uses advanced algorithms to analyze your organization's details based on the information provided. It assesses factors such as your industry sector, size, and activities within the EU to determine whether the NIS2 Directive applies to your organization. It provides a likelihood assessment rather than a definitive answer, guiding you on the probability of being subject to NIS2 requirements.

Q: As a supplier to a NIS2-bound company, what should I focus on to ensure compliance?
A: As a supplier, it's crucial to align your cybersecurity practices with the expectations of NIS2-bound companies. Focus on enhancing your cybersecurity measures, ensuring data protection, and being transparent in incident reporting. It's also important to stay informed about the specific requirements your clients might impose based on their NIS2 obligations. Regular communication and collaboration with your NIS2-bound clients will help you understand their expectations and how you can meet them.

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