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Reported Events and Event Triage: Enhancing Risk Awareness and Management

1. Introduction

The Reported Events feature enables employees with specific roles, particularly Guardians, to log events they observe, enhancing situational awareness. The Triage process then systematically reviews these events through various stages, from initial recording to resolution, potentially transforming them into actionable Risk Events. This process is crucial for comprehensive risk management, allowing for targeted follow-up actions and strategic decision-making based on the severity and significance of each event.

2. Strengthen risk awareness and management

In the dynamic world of risk management, the accurate capture and evaluation of events plays a critical role. RiskStudio's Reported Event & Event Triage and provides a streamlined approach to not only capture risks, but also manage them effectively through a triage process.

2.1 Reported Events: Capturing and Reporting

Capturing events is the first step towards proactive risk management. These events are vital indicators of potential risks within your organization.

Key Actions:

  • Record Events: Encourage team members to record any perceived anomalies or potential risks as Guardian or direct line responsibility.
  • Categorize and Prioritize: Classify each event based on urgency and potential impact to prioritize triage.
  • Share Insights: Utilize the Participant Page to share events and insights with relevant colleagues and guardians.

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2.2 Triage: Analysis and Action

Following the capture of events is the triage process, where each event is assessed to determine the appropriate follow-up actions.

Key Actions:

  • Assess the Event: Analyze each event to understand the underlying risks and the need for intervention.
  • Assign Responsibilities: Determine who is responsible for following up on each event.
  • Track and Report Progress: Monitor the progress of addressing events and report it within RiskStudio.

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3. Maximizing Potential

It's crucial to cultivate a culture of vigilance and proactivity. Encourage continuous participation and feedback, optimize the use of triage features, and ensure regular training and updates on best practices. This will not only elevate risk awareness within your organization but also ensure a more resilient and responsive risk management strategy.

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