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Integrated Cyber Chain and Benchmarking Analysis


1. Introduction

In today's interconnected digital landscape, understanding the cyber health of your organization and its external business relationships (we call it your Cyber Chain) is critical. This section guides you through integrating entities into your Cyber Chain, assessing their cyber rating and attack surface, and using benchmark analysis to compare against industry norms.

2. Navigating the Cyber Chain with RiskStudio

Embark on your RiskStudio journey by integrating key entities into your cyber chain, showcasing the extensive reach of your digital ecosystem cq. Cyber Chain. This foundational step is crucial for developing an effective risk management strategy, enabling a thorough assessment of each entity's cyber rating and attack surface through detailed insights on company pages. Gaining a clear understanding of their cybersecurity health is essential for informed risk management decisions. Further, the Benchmark page offers a comparative analysis against up to 10 specific industry benchmarks, such as retail, healthcare, and technology, underscoring the necessity of a robust cybersecurity framework.

2.1 Cyber Chain Companies

RiskStudio's Cyber Chain Companies feature is designed to monitor and manage the cyber health of your external business connections, including vendors, partners, and clients. This capability is vital, as vulnerabilities in their systems could potentially expose your organization to risks, highlighting the interconnected nature of today's business operations. Adding companies to your Cyber Chain is a significant step towards achieving a comprehensive cybersecurity approach.

Key Actions

  • Adding Companies: The 'Cyber Chain Companies' page allows users to add new companies to their cyber chain, essential for broadening the scope of cyber relationships and ensuring the chain reflects current business partnerships.
  • Viewing Company Details: Users can delve into the specifics of each company within their cyber chain, gaining insights into profiles, risk levels, operational entities, risk events, employee alerts, and cyber ratings, for a comprehensive understanding of each entity's cyber health.
  • Linking Contacts: An important feature that facilitates enhanced communication and collaboration with external entities by linking contacts to companies within the cyber chain.

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Cyber Chain Companies

2.2 Attack Surface and Cyber Rating

Evaluating the Attack Surface and Cyber Rating of entities within your Cyber Chain is critical for understanding their cybersecurity posture. Cyber Ratings offer insights into the cybersecurity stance of each company, while the Attack Surface provides a glimpse into their digital footprint, indicating potential vulnerabilities and exposures.

Key Actions

  • Assessing Attack Surfaces: This functionality provides a detailed view of the digital vulnerabilities across companies in the cyber chain, allowing for the identification and management of potential cyber threats and weaknesses.
  • Analyzing Cyber Ratings: Users can examine the cyber ratings of companies in their cyber chain, offering a quantitative measure of each entity's cyber health and enabling quick assessments of overall cyber security status and areas requiring attention.

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Attack Surfaces & Cyber Ratings

Benchmarking Analysis

The Benchmark page is an invaluable tool that allows for the comparison of your Cyber Chain entities against industry-specific benchmarks. This analysis not only assesses your Cyber Chain's cybersecurity posture in relation to industry norms but also emphasizes the importance of maintaining a hardened cybersecurity framework.

Key Actions

  • Industry Comparisons: The 'Benchmarks' feature enables users to compare their cyber security performance and that of their cyber chain companies against industry standards, counties but also in relation to companies themselves, offering insights into how their cyber security measures stack up.
  • Strategic Adjustments: Insights gained from benchmark comparisons can be used to strategically align cyber security strategies with industry best practices, identify security posture gaps, and reassure stakeholders of cyber security robustness.

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3. Maximizing Capabilities

Embarking on the journey of risk management within RiskStudio involves more than just understanding its features; it's about actively engaging with the platform to ensure a robust cybersecurity posture. Below a view critical steps you should take to maximize the effectiveness of RiskStudio's capabilities in your organizational context.

  • Regularly update your Cyber Chain by adding new companies and updating existing profiles to ensure a comprehensive overview of your digital ecosystem.

  • Utilize the Cyber Chain Companies list to manage and sort entities for easier navigation and analysis.

  • Assess the Cyber Rating and Attack Surface of each company to understand their cybersecurity health and potential vulnerabilities.

  • Engage with the Benchmark page to compare your Cyber Chain against industry benchmarks, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring your cybersecurity measures are up to standard.

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