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Product Overview

Welcome to the heart of RiskStudio's capabilities – the Product Features Page. Whether you're new to our platform or a seasoned user looking to explore more, this page is your one-stop resource to understand the breadth and depth of tools available. From managing cyber risks to optimizing operational entities, get a comprehensive view of how RiskStudio empowers your organization's cybersecurity and risk management endeavors. Dive in, explore, and make the most of RiskStudio's innovative features tailored to your needs.



Benefits for the User

Account Settings

Manage user preferences and account settings.

Enhances user control and personalization of the experience.

Attack Surfaces

Insights into potential vulnerabilities within an organization.

Aids in proactive identification and mitigation of risks.


Enables organizations to compare their cybersecurity performance.

Provides benchmarks to measure and improve security posture.

Subscription & Billing

Manages subscription options, billing, and payment information.

Simplifies administrative processes and cost management.

Cyber Chain Companies

Monitors and manages the cyber health of external business links.

Promotes a safer and more reliable digital ecosystem.

Cyber Ratings

Provides a quantitative assessment of cyber health.

Offers insights into security status and aids in decision-making.

Reported Events

Allows users to log security incidents and observed threats.

Facilitates quick response and enhances incident management.

Risk Event Analyzer

Analyzes and visualizes relationships between risks and entities.

Helps understand and prioritize risks for better decision-making.

Operational Entities

Manages critical functional components within an organization.

Provides clear structure in risk management processes.


Manages roles and invites colleagues into the risk management process.

Encourages collaboration and engagement in risk management.


Allows users to identify, evaluate, and manage risks.

Contributes to a stronger security strategy and risk reduction.

Workspace Management

Provides a platform for collaboration and project management.

Enhances efficiency and effectiveness in team projects and processes.

Event Triage

Manages the process of assessing, categorizing, and prioritizing reported events.

Optimizes incident response and security management processes.

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