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For the Company Guardian

What is a Company Guardian?

As a Company Guardian, you play a crucial role within your organization, dedicated to safeguarding the collective well-being. Your responsibilities are the same as those of any other employee, but you have an additional duty to remain vigilant regarding digital threats and risks that could impact your organization.

Why you want to be a Company Guardian

Here's why this role can be motivating for you:

  • Meaningful contribution: Enhance safety and stability for the organization.

  • Personal growth: Expand security skills and knowledge.

  • Positive impact: Protect the organization and its assets.

  • Involvement in decision-making: Contribute to security decisions.

  • Appreciation and recognition: Valued for dedication to security.

  • Sense of community: Belong to a like-minded group.

  • Leadership opportunities: A path to leadership in security and risk management.

As an employee, you can assume the role of a Company Guardian and make valuable contributions to a safer and more secure organization. It's an opportunity to challenge yourself, grow professionally, and make a positive impact for all stakeholders. We encourage you to embrace this significant role and collaborate with others toward a safer future for your organization.

Apply now!

Please contact the responsible person in your organization. This person will invite you to join RiskStudio. You will receive an email with a link to sign up as a Company Guardian.

Existing RiskStudio users can immediately start reporting events. Simply click on the "Report an event" button at the top of the main menu. Under the "Observation" section, you will find an overview of all reported events.

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