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Empowering Company Guardians for enhanced security and risk management

Whether you are a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), an IT manager, or in a similar capacity within your organization, your role is pivotal in ensuring digital security and risk management. In today's rapidly evolving threat landscape, it's essential to foster a culture of security and risk awareness throughout the entire organization. One effective approach is to harness the power of Company Guardians.

How to Empower Company Guardians

  • Identification and selection: Identify interested individuals with strong communication skills to become Company Guardians

  • Training and education: Provide specialized training to enhance their knowledge

  • Clear roles and responsibilities: Define their roles as security ambassadors

  • Engagement and motivation: Recognize contributions to boost motivation

  • Regular communication: Maintain open channels for reporting

  • Feedback loop: Establish a mechanism for suggestions

  • Leadership support: Secure endorsement from leadership

The collective impact

Fostering a network of Company Guardians creates a force multiplier effect. They identify and mitigate security and risk issues, while also ingraining security and risk management into every aspect of your organization. With their dedication and collaboration, your organization can proactively address threats, minimize vulnerabilities, and enhance security practices.

Take action now

To begin building your network of Company Guardians, invite potential candidates through the RiskStudio application. From the Participants page, it is possible to invite users to the RiskStudio application. When entering the details, choose Guardina under access in this case. For more information visit the Participantspage.

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