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15-04-2024 | Version 1.2



RiskStudio v1.2


The latest version of the RiskStudio application includes bug fixes and performance improvements. The following is a list of improvements.

  • Improved icon colors, making them dependent on the background instead of being plain black.

  • Enhanced the Cyber Rating checks used to calculate ratings.

    • Enhanced CSP (Content Security Policy) checks.

    • Enhanced cookies checks (and increased the amount of collected cookies).

  • Added Risk Template Sections for improved readability and division of risk templates.

  • Improved texts throughout the entire website for better clarity and understanding.

  • Fixed pagination issues with Entity Types and Controls in each Risk Template.

  • Ensured that Risk Template names are unique to avoid confusion.

  • Added a Risk Library feature for exploring risk templates & controls.

  • Improved overall security measures, including implementing a stricter Content Security Policy on different websites.

  • Improved translation (like "Participant" to "Contact")

  • Implemented logout for inactive users

  • Optimized benchmark hexagon rating positioning 

  • Enhanced "Subscription expired" notifications with pop-up

  • Enforced stronger password policy (E.g. no similarity to last name)

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