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20-03-2024 | Version 1.1



RiskStudio v1.1


The latest version of the RiskStudio application includes bug fixes and performance improvements. The following is a list of improvements.

  • On several pages, refreshing after a change has been improved.

  • Color schemes have been optimized.

  • Input validation on various fields improved.

  • Texts in emails and in various places in the application added or improved.

  • Improved the details of a company's Cyber Ratings, it is clearer what the status of a check is.

  • Improved mobile support (major bugs fixed for this).

  • No more Risk Event per Subject, but one Risk Event to which multiple Subjects are attached.

  • New filters on the overview pages for Risk Programs and Operational Entities.

  • Icon for a Risk Program is now optional.

  • Improved Cyber Rating for companies.

  • Improved First Login wizard.

  • Improved performance throughout the application.

  • Changes around changing payment method.

  • Menu sidebar changed, optimized layout.

  • Quickfilter added above all tables in the application.

  • Restored the Cyber Rating history widget.

  • Improved styling on Account & Workspace settings page.

  • Element usage bar regarding element usage per workspace has been simplified.

  • Various optimizations to the Event and Triage page.

  • Starred workspaces are now at the top of the menu sidebar dropdown of workspaces.

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