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15-05-2024 | Version 1.3



RiskStudio v1.3


The latest version of the RiskStudio application includes bug fixes and performance improvements. The following is a list of improvements.

  • Improvements / Features

    • Risk Library Enhancements: Increased chart size and improved user experience on Risk Library pages.

    • Company Logo Search: Improved search functionality for company logos.

    • Security Enhancements: General improvements to security protocols.

    • Sub Ratings: Added Sub Ratings for Companies including spider visualisation.

    • Risk Templates: Introduced Language and Country for Risk Templates.

    • Cyber Rating Stability: Improved stability of daily Cyber Ratings.

    • Cyber Rating History: Extended display of rating history to show the last 30 days where available.

  • Bug Fixes

    • User Interface: Corrected the display of Benchmark Icons in the Benchmark slider/bar.

    • Loading Issues: Addressed the endless loading screen on the Risk page.

    • Subscription Management: Fixed scenarios where the end date of a subscription is not increased after payment.

    • Calculations: Rounded total excluding VAT to 2 decimal places.

    • Workspace Management: Fixed issues preventing workspace changes when one is expired.

    • Participants Page: Restored missing columns such as resend invite.

    • Subscription Display: Fixed pop-up limit display for certain subscription types.

    • Risk Template Controls: Resolved issues where controls could be duplicated in some Risk Templates.

  • Additional Adjustments

    • UI Enhancements: Improved alignment of ratings in tables and fallback images for company logos.

    • Security Measures: Increased technical checks and updated the default logo of Crown Jewel Entity.

    • Event Creation: Enabled creating Rating Events by Threshold.

    • Bug Fix: Resolved error on the Billing page Payments tab.

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